RAP: Reproducible Analytical Pipelines

The Reproducible Analytical Pipeline (RAP) is a methodology for automating the bulk of steps involved in creating a statistical report. It is part of the GSS Quality Statistics in Government Guidance.

RAP is also a community of people who work with data using methods adapted from software development. The RAP community promotes the use of programming languages, version control, automated testing, peer review, and other tools and methods.

This website is a place for the community to publish materials that it finds useful. In particular, materials that include code can be published on this website.

Other RAP websites

The RAP Champions network is coordinated by the Government Statistical Service, who maintain a list of people to contact for help, a list of examples of RAP projects, and links to blog posts, guides and courses.

Contribute to this website

Contribute to this website by discussing it in the Slack channel (#rap_collaboration), or by opening an issue on GitHub.

The website is built using the R package govdown. It supports code written in R, Python. and can support other languages that the knitr package supports, as long as Travis is able to run the code to build the website.


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